Welcoming classic car enthusiasts

If you are passionate about classic cars you probably spent your childhood dreaming of owning your own when you grew up. If you love your Chryslers and Corvettes, you will be in good company here at our bed and breakfast in the New Forest. We are enthusiasts ourselves, and we offer the perfect bed and breakfast experience for everyone wishing to travel the glorious New Forest with their classic automobile. Continue reading “Welcoming classic car enthusiasts” »

Activities in the New Forest

If you’re in search of a comfortable and welcoming bed and breakfast in Lymington and the New Forest, we are the perfect choice. The New Forest, situated in the South of England and located close to the coast, is an area of unparalleled beauty. With abundant farmland and forests spreading for as far as the eye can see, it’s the ideal spot for an active holiday or relaxing break. It makes a far cry from urban tourist traps and densely populated seaside resorts, instead providing natural beauty, peace and tranquillity. The New Forest and the areas surrounding it, such as Milford and Lymington, offer a huge variety of various different attractions and activities to enjoy. Continue reading “Activities in the New Forest” »

Walking in the New Forest

The New Forest National Park has the densest population of any UK national park and possesses one of the most beautiful and varied landscapes. It is made up of a fantastic myriad of habitats including wet and dry heaths, ancient woodland, plantations, mixed farmland and coastline. The park is famous for the wildlife you can see here including the free roaming cattle, ponies and various species of deer. Continue reading “Walking in the New Forest” »