Giving greater freedom in bathroom design

In the world of modern interior design, bathtubs are taking centre stage as the focal point of many contemporary bathrooms. Once relegated to the corner and restricted to plain white finishes, baths are now becoming more versatile than ever before. Free standing baths give home owners the chance to position their bathtub almost anywhere they wish, giving much more freedom to design your bathroom to suit your style. Continue reading “Giving greater freedom in bathroom design” »

Bikes at the Beaulieu this July

As any one of our many returning guests would no doubt happily testify, we have a great passion for classic motor cars. It has always been a great source of pride for us that our highly rated bed and breakfast in Lymington provides such close and easy access to the Beaulieu Motor Museum. As much as we love cars, we know they’re not the only form of classic vehicle that’s dearly loved and treasured by enthusiasts across the country. This will be on display for all to see at Beaulieu when the Simply Bikes event happens on July 10. Continue reading “Bikes at the Beaulieu this July” »