Celebrating the local art scene

The Milford Art Group Annual Exhibition is currently underway at the All Saints Church Hall. Whether you are art-savvy or just art-curious, this is the perfect opportunity to witness our local talent and purchase some original works. The Group meet on a monthly basis to share their skills and expertise as they aim to help local artists improve their work; they do this by providing regular classes in specialised areas, such as water colours and street scene acrylics. Continue reading “Celebrating the local art scene” »

The personal experience of a bed and breakfast

A bed and breakfast has the potential to offer a luxurious experience on par with a hotel at a reduced price. On top of this people tend to find the level of service is far more personal. Based in Hampshire, Harvest House offers luxury accommodation located in an area with sublime sights and a plethora of activities to do. Continue reading “The personal experience of a bed and breakfast” »

Perfect Accommodation For Cowes Week Participation

Despite the many wonderful things to do and see here in our home of Lymington, we know that many of our guests choose to use us as their base for activities and events in the surrounding areas. For many years an example of this has been Cowes Week, and the 2016 event shall be no different. We are delighted to welcome guests who are coming to our part of the world to partake in this most wonderful of weeks. Continue reading “Perfect Accommodation For Cowes Week Participation” »